Your Turn: Christ and Politics

Before we begin I must make a few comments:

1. Of the regular bloggers at EverySquareInch, I am most likely the least politically aware.
2. I’m 26…thus I don’t have a wide base of experience and maturity to draw from.
3. I generally lean toward the Republican side, but disagree with the oft-said premise in some circles, that Christians should be “one-issue” voters.
4. I haven’t completely made up my mind regarding the upcoming election.

However, I do think that this post (which will be more discussion-boardish than bloggish) will prove profitable for those of you who read it and participate. Here is the basic premise we’ll start with: As Christians, one of the foundational beliefs we hold is that Christ is Lord of all of life. Therefore, what we find in Scripture should inform all of life, and frame the decisions we make. Our emotions, opinions, and perspectives, while important, must be secondary in the Christian’s decision making, since God’s word is primary. This is true in all areas, including politics.

But, well-meaning, intelligent, thoughtful, and prayerful Christians disagree when it comes to politics. This is because in God’s word we find a host of things he cares about: the protection of life (abortion, third-world poverty, etc.), caring for the poor, being good stewards (environmentally and financially), honesty, humility, etc., etc. And no one candidate can fully embody God’s will across the board. We must have a way to evaluate and prioritize. God might care about all issues, but wouldn’t we say that some issues are more important than others? How do we determine which issues are most important?

So here’s what I want: let’s take a break from debating Obama vs. McCain in specific terms, and set up a general framework for what issues need to be most important for Christians, in all elections, not just this one. I’d love for those of you reading who are wiser and more savvy than myself to give us your top 5 issues from a Christian perspective, from more important to less important. Feel free to give us your reasoning (and once again, I’m not all that concerned about your personal reasoning, but your reasoning based on God’s character and Scripture).

And remember, even though discussions on politics can get quite heated and even personal at times, let’s remember God’s commands to us. We are to be respectful, humble, and gentle with one another. I trust your comments will reflect all of these.

Let the discussion begin.

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