Words of Healing

Last Sunday I preached on Acts 5:11-16, and discussed how every believer in Christ is called to be a vital part of a new community—called “the church” in the New Testament (and “the congregation” in the Old Testament). A biblical church is always a magnetic, redemptive, healing community. And I talked about how God is the only one who can restore our souls, our hearts, our minds, but he uses his church to do so. We see this important principle all throughout the Bible.

One aspect of that that I did not get a chance to talk about on Sunday was how God uses our words in marriage and family and everyday conversations as a key part of what should be a redemptive, healing community. That’s also a very important principle we see in the Bible.
Proverbs 12:18 (NIV) tells us; “Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” Of course, wisdom in the Bible is the ability to see every circumstance and situation in life—both great and mundane—in light of the reality of the gospel—in light of the reality of who God is for us in Christ. And so wise words—the tongue of the wise—are words spoken with all the realities of the gospel in mind—all the realities of God’s promises for us in Christ brought into every circumstance and situation in our lives. Reckless words are words that forget or reflect a disbelief in those promises.
What a blessing to have wise words spoken to us rather than reckless words. Wise words bring healing, but reckless words always pierce like a sword. And what a blessing we would be as friends and family members and coworkers to be able to speak those kinds of wise words rather than reckless words to those who need to hear them. We all need that. I need that. You need that.
And your wife or husband or kids or parents or brothers or sisters need that. Are you that for them when they need it? So how about starting by just applying these words to your family if you’re a dad or a mom? Or a husband or a wife. What a huge difference it would make in our marriages and families. Wise words. Never Reckless words.
Be sure of this, before this day is done, there will be someone God places in your path (for sure your wife or husband if you’re married—and for sure your kids if you have kids old enough to hear and understand your words) who will be in need of your healing words. God has planned it that they will need to benefit by hearing your words. God wants to use your words to bring healing. But will you speak them?
Or will your reckless words pierce their heart and soul like a sword?

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