Why Do We Do Kids Club?

As you may have noticed if you’ve been around our church for long (even just this past week), Kids Club is a pretty big deal. This summer will be our eighth year of this unique week long, summer camp experience for elementary and preschool kids. I admit, this event takes a lot of money, time, volunteers, staff resources and energy to pull off. So, why do we feel like it’s worth it? Why not just do a typical, low-budget, pre-boxed VBS? Here are three reasons why we think Kids Club is worth all this.

1) Reach kids hearts and minds for Christ in a unique way. Our goal from the beginning of Kids Club has been to reinvent the typical, “churchy” VBS. We want to grow kids’ hearts and minds for God by going above and beyond what we can normally do on Sunday mornings. Much like a camp experience, we want to give kids a memorable and life changing week. Our hope is that kids will leave not only having learned something and built relationships, but saying “I love my church!”

2) Build community in the church. I must admit that this wasn’t our initial goal the first few years, but it has been a wonderful by-product of Kids Club. This one week brings momentum to our church each year as it brings people of all ages together to build relationships, serve together, and have fun together. Many of the adults want to return each year just as much as the kids. We regularly hear stories of how families have gotten plugged into our church for the first time because of their experience during that week.

3) Outreach to families in the community. We strive to make Kids Club an event that is easy to invite non-believers and other friends to. That’s why we work so hard at executing every aspect of it with excellence, fun, and cultural-relevance. In addition, each year, the kids will hear Bible stories and truths that share the gospel of Christ in, what we hope will be, an attractive way.

Now, at the risk of sounding like we’re tooting our own horn, I’d love to share a few comments we received from parents and volunteers last year. The reason I share these is because I think they illustrate the ways in which God has worked and been glorified in the past at Kids Club. Our team is praying for the same thing this year.

I’ve said it many times over, but Kids Club is truly my favorite week of the year. I hope that you and/or your kids can say the same thing this summer!

Last Year’s Comments from Parents and Volunteers:

I have been involved with MANY VBS programs…but never one that combined so many incredible talents and provided such a fun atmosphere filled with growth and learning as well…truly EDUtainment for kids. I actually had our friend’s mom ask if she could come and watch tonight because the boys were so excited. So, thank you for this incredible ministry. I am honored and humbled to be a very small part of it and grateful for this opportunity for my kids. – Preschool volunteer and parent

I thank God for bringing me and my family to this church. The Crossing has such strong, talented and dedicated individuals who are led by the Lord and help to lead others in their roles in this body of believers. Kids Club is a wonderful outreach to our own kids from the Crossing and to those kids outside the church. – Bible story helper and parent

I saw the faces of the wee ones really “get” the stories and songs. It is neat to see God work in little lives….Everyday was a blast! I was so excited to come and serve and see lives being touched. – Preschool volunteer and parent

(During Kids Club week) Both of my sons have gone to preschool each day and have said to their friends, “God is so great.” – Games volunteer and parent

My boys were VERY excited about Kids Club this week. Seeing them hungry to learn more about God is priceless!…The highlight of the week for me was seeing the excitement of one little boy when he found out that he was going to get his very own Bible! He was so very excited because he said that he only had a “half of a Bible” at home! – Crafts volunteer and parent

One girl in the 3-year-olds heard that Jesus was more precious than gold, and she smiled. I saw her face start to glow. She looked up at me and said, “I love Jesus!” It made my day! – High school volunteer in the Preschool

Also, one mom told us that her husband took their kids camping on Saturday night after Kids Club, and they had some great spiritual discussions. She was so excited about how last week prompted her kids in great ways. Another mom told us that her daughter fell asleep on Thursday night during Kids Club week with her new Bible tucked in her arms. She said she wished she would have taken a picture.

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