Why Buy Locally?

(First a side note: sorry for the blog hiatus. I’ve been down and out with morning sickness for quite some time. Yes, we’re expecting our second child in October. I’m beginning to bounce back now and am excited to get back to blogging.)

One of my favorite things about this time of year is going to the farmer’s market on Saturday mornings. I love watching the variety of people, meeting the hard-working farmers and vendors from our area, and especially experiencing all the different kinds of produce, hand-made products, and plants for sale. I can’t help feeling like I’m experiencing a bit of God’s glory whenever I go.

I ran across this article from the April issue of Inside Columbia Magazine recently that discusses why it matters to buy locally, explaining some great reasons for and resources for buying food from our community. Now, I certainly wouldn’t classify myself as a hardcore activist in this area, but I’m growing in my conviction that there are certainly many benefits. As a Christian, buying locally might be just one way to consider helping the environment, making an impact in the community by supporting our farmers and vendors, and providing healthy, safe food for your family.

Your thoughts?

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