Where There is No Bible

DSC01202The Crossing supports Bible translation and gospel storytelling. There are millions of unreached people who have no written form of their language or dialect and no scriptures available to them. Even when written scripture becomes available in a new language many people may remain illiterate or prefer to learn in their spoken language or dialect (mother tongue.) The Joshua Project is an organization seeking to highlight the ethnic groups of the world with the least followers of evangelical Christianity. The Joshua Project provides invaluable prayer and educational resources for those interested in taking the gospel to unreached people groups.

Whether you participate in a short-term missions trip or know missionaries who work in remote areas, you might especially be interested in the resources provided by Global Recordings Network and Wycliffe Global Alliance.

These videos tell how Global Recordings Network takes the gospel to those who have no Bible:

Short Term Missions Resources:

Global Recordings Network has CD and mini-SD mp3 recordings, picture flip-books, a mobile phone app and a hand-wind, no-batteries-required audio player available for short-term and long-term missions uses. You can find these resources here: Resources for Evangelism.

This video tells more about using these resources on short-term mission trips:


EmeseRiaanFerreira2Emese and Riaan have received support from The Crossing for their Bible translation work. They work with both Wycliffe and Global Recordings Network.

This ESI post tells their story.






DSC01154The Crossing also supports Bible storytelling outreach to the Maasai tribes in remote areas of Kenya through the work of Serge’s Chronological Bible Storying (CBS) Project.

The Kenyan pastor we support is named Joel. He uses CBS among the Maasai and now trains and mentors others to use CBS in their home areas. His ministry alone has trained a full-time indigenous Maasai churchplanter named Siloma. He has established churches in two different remote areas of Kenya where the gospel was previously unknown.

CBS is a powerful tool for evangelism and church planting in rural Kenya. Joel and Siloma are only two of many Kenyan pastors who are using Chronological Bible Storying to reach remote or partially illiterate people groups in Kenya.


GRN: Global Recordings Network

GRN on youtube.com

Wycliffe Global Alliance

The Joshua Project



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