What Lengths Will You Go To Fight Against Sin?

It seems like the longer that I am a Christian the more aware I am of my own spiritual frailty and even vulnerability. I remember being a new Christian and having the confidence that I’d always stay faithful to Christ much like Peter’s confidence that he’d never deny Jesus. Well we all know how that turned out…not only for Peter but also for us.

Among other things, maturing in Christ means a growing awareness and honesty about the weakness of my flesh, the inability of good intentions, and the foolishness of self-confidence and self-reliance. It turns out that one of the most dangerous thoughts a Christian can have is “I’m good. Don’t worry about me. I won’t do anything stupid or sinful.”

A few months ago I was able to go to a conference in Dallas with a few friends. One of the speakers shared about a pastor who knew that he easily fell into self-confidence especially in regard to his marriage. He had reason to be confident having been happily married for a number of years. But he was also spiritually savvy enough to know that no sin was beyond him.

In order to keep alert to the dangers of sin and the misery that accompanies it, he posted pictures on the inside of his office door of pastors and politicians who had “ruined” their lives by committing the sin of adultery. Every time he left the office he saw the pained expressions on the faces of husbands and wives and was continually reminded that sin never satisfies but only destroys.

Since hearing that story, I’ve thought of that unnamed pastor and been reminded that I’ll never get to a point that I’m beyond committing any sin. Because that’s true, I cannot be passive in my battle against sin but must take any means necessary to fight against the sin that wages war against my soul (1 Peter 2:11).

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