Welcome to Every Square Inch

Welcome to Every Square Inch, a new blog from the staff and friends of The Crossing. Our intention for this site is to be another way we can deepen our love for Christ and encourage one another to faithfully follow him in every area of our lives. To do that, we intend to offer a wide variety of posts, including devotional material, cultural observations, book suggestions, and even film and music reviews.

In fact, you never know what might find its way into this blog. If you’re thinking zig, odds are we’ll zag. If you’re saying “to-may-to,” we might just go “to-mah-to.” Yep, picture a box, and then picture us outside of it. We might even throw out smoke machines and a laser light show on you. No doubt you’re now waiting with an expectation you can scarcely stand.

Actually, that’s mostly nonsense. But we do genuinely hope this space will be a worthwhile resource for your faith. So once we officially launch in a couple of weeks, check back often for content that that we’ll try to update on a regular basis. And feel free to give us feedback with your own comments. We’d certainly appreciate hearing from you.

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