Weekly Roundup (Snow Day Special)

Looking for some quality content to digest while stuck inside today? We thought so. Here is a roundup of a few worthwhile links from around the web. Enjoy and stay warm.

Time. Redeemed.
CJ Mahaney points us to what RC Sproul has to say about time management.

List of Lists
Here is an (overwhelming) collection of top-10 books of the year lists from various publications. Happy hunting.

Visual Bible
Here is a visual representation of all the times the Bible references itself. As one of its creators commented, “[The Bible] almost looks like one monolithic volume.”

What has John Piper learned about God this year?
John Piper, pastor at Bethlehem Baptist in Minneapolis, does a Q and A a few times a week. The questions range from practical ministry questions to tough theological questions to pastoral life advice to personal-Piper questions. Here, he answers a question about his own faith journey in the past couple years. (Check out some of the other Q and A also.)

Tim Keller on the Gospel, Religion, and Irreligion
Here is part of an interview with Tim Keller from a conference a couple years ago. The distinctions he makes here are at the heart of his ministry and have been very helpful to me in thinking about how to teach and share Christ with others.

Star of Bethlehem Theories
What was the mysterious celestial event that caused the astrologers from the east (probably Babylon) to trek 800 miles across a desert to find the King? It is a fascinating story. Here is a summary of the main theories.

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