Weekly Roundup

Today: A roundup of the thoughtful, insightful, outrageous and entertaining content I ran across this week. I hope it serves you well.

A Theology of Facebook
If you are reading this blog there is a 90% chance you also have a Facebook page. Have you thought much about the implications of this particular technology for your soul? What is a Biblical view of this new way to interact with other people? I have some thoughts of my own that I may share some other time, but for now, here is an outline of a talk given by a pastor in California, right down the road from Facebook headquarters.

10 tips to read more (and better)
I think we all wish we would read more. Here are 10 practical peices of advice from an avid reader about how to go about achieving that goal.

Officials flunk civics Test
I don’t want to be the guy to ‘over-spiritualize’ every topic. But this article did make me think: We are aghast that public officials would fail a public civics test, but how would we, as Christians,fare on a Biblical knowledge test?

Do you take technology for granted? (After watching this I know I do).

Malcolm Gladwell’s New Book, Outliers released this week

Those of you who read Tipping Point and Blink, the bestselling books from pop-guru-author Malcolm Gladwell will be pleased to know his next book, Outliers, is due out this week. “Outliers” are those people in our society who stand above and beyond the rest of us, not necessarily in their talent or ambition, but in their success. The book explores what makes one person more successful than the next, given equivalent tallent, ambition, and opportunity. I am excited to pick it up.

Big suprise: Unhappy People watch more TV
A new study out of Maryland University posits a coorelation between unhappiness and that black box all your chairs are configured around in the living room.

Rethink Christmas gifts: Advent Conspiracy

Tim Keller Sermons on Jonah, Evangelism, and False Idols
Keller gave these 3 talks a year ago at a conference but I just found them and listened to them recently and enjoyed them thoroughly. I thought they might dovetail nicely with the Jonah series we just wrapped up. (See the 2007 talks at the link.)

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