Weekend Reading

Here are some articles on the web that I found interesting this week…

1. Tim Challies interviewed Devin Brown who is the author of Inside Prince Caspian and Inside Narnia. Part 1. Part 2.

2. In the past Cammi has posted about how The Crossing’s partners in Kenya are faring in the midst of the violence. Read about an orphanage associated with another ministry. And then pray.

Here is how it starts…

The orphanage under attack.

My uncle helped found an orphanage in Kenya on an island in Lake Victoria. There are more than 300 kids, many of which were orphaned by the HIV epidemic. Some of the kids are HIV positive. It is without a doubt the most visceral representation I know of what it means to share God’s love.

And tonight it might be burned down.

3. Philip Ryken writes about the busyness that drowns out our spiritual life. Here’s an excerpt…

The trouble, of course, is that all of this overload gets in the way of our spiritual progress. More than a century ago Phillips Brooks observed, “The more we watch the lives of men, the more we see that one of the reasons why men are not occupied with great thoughts and interests is the way in which their lives are overfilled with little things. ” What about you? Is your life occupied with great things for God, or is it overfilled with little things? And if it is, what, if anything, are you going to do about it?

Read more.

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