Weekend Links

Interesting things found on the internet this week –

Breaking News: Divorce Impacts Kids – Specifically math and interpersonal skills. For over a decade now Americans have bemoaned many countries passing us in academic achievement. Maybe we need to point the finger less at our school systems and more at our marriages.

Non-Consenting Infant – A story that gripped the nation 20 years ago, when a baby was conceived largely to supply bone marrow for her older sister. I found it interesting that many people back then were screaming foul because she was too young to consent to such a procedure, many of whom wouldn’t have afforded the same right to a living being months earlier.

Tips For Time Management – What many of us would call “efficiency,” this author calls “fruitfulness.” Some good practical tips here. My favorite line is one of the first – “You should want to be fruitful like a tree, not efficient like a machine.” I like trees better anyway.

It’s Easy to Parent Moralistically – I didn’t get this for a long time…like until my kid got old enough for me to just want “peace and quiet” instead of what is best for him. This article redirects my heart and practices with my son.

When Non-Christians Visit Church – Maybe you won’t find this as funny or as insightful as me. Seminary tends to warp one’s humor a smidge, and often not in a direction I’d like. In addition to being funny, it is instructive for us church-goers who care about non-Christians (shouldn’t we all?).

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