Weekend Links (Video Edition)

Two videos I found this week which interested me. Maybe they’ll do the same for you.

The flooding south of us has been horrific the past few weeks. Here was an extraordinary video of one man’s (I think) successful attempt at saving his house and barns (at about 1 minute you’ll see the house).

When something is precious to you, for whatever reason, you’ll go to great strides to protect and keep it. Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 13 demonstrates that we gain the Kingdom of Heaven according to this same principle. If we find a treasure in a field – we sell all we have to buy the land. If we find a pearl that captivates us – we liquidate our possessions so we can buy that pearl. And if we treasure our home – we build a moat around it to save it. If only I sought the Kingdom in the same manner.

And in an unrelated direction – is your small group like this? I’m sure no small groups at The Crossing fall into this. And I’m equally sure that none of us ever approach our small groups with this attitude from time to time. What I’m even surer about is that if I were Satan I’d be trying to get all of us to buy in.

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