Update On Work In Kenya

The Crossing is involved in a number of ministry partnerships both locally and globally. In the past several weeks we have received thank you notes from a few of our friends in Kenya along with pictures. I thought you might enjoy reading about how God used our church to meet real needs on the other side of the world.

Racefield School
Racefield is a boarding school for over 50 orphans and at-risk children located in the semi-arid dessert region outside Mwingi Town. An additional 20-30 children walk in for day school at Racefield. Despite destitute poverty and a nearly non-existent budget, few textbooks and teachers who are working without pay, Racefield School consistently takes top marks in area standardized tests.

Here is a thank you note from Sammy and Felistus who run the school to The Crossing for the food we recently sent during a severe famine. The note hasn’t been edited but I don’t think you will have any problem understanding their English. Cami, who the letter is addressed to, is a member of our church who is the liaison to the school.

Dear Cami,
We glorify our God for giving us a wonderful friend like you, your pastor and his wife, the church and the sunday school children!.
May God really bless you for meeting our biggest need of food shortage in the school, we received from you through Effie 45,000 Ksh. when Effie called us to break the news of the support there was so much shouts of joy from the pupils, for we were badly hit by food rationing.
Due to the same problem before we closed last term we had no choice but to reduce the meals to small portions and due to that one of the pupils we had recorvered from streets escaped from school in the morning and the following day went to a certain shop where he stole some bread and cakes, unfortunately he was caught up and burnt with petrol to death, the situation was so pathetic and affected the whole school. in fear of the repeat of the same we had to close the school early before expected time. we went for the funeral and the burial was so emotional the mother wept uncontrollably for he was the only hope. Now the support you have sent us is so timely may God bless you for we were still being faced with the same challenge. this will give them enough food which could take about three weeks.
We thank so much, we did the District mocks and our school emerged position 1 out of 76 schools so your support is not in vain God is also working with us and we are encouraged and keep on trusting him for his continous provision.

El Shaddai School
Located in the Mukuru slums, this school is one of the few places that impoverished kids can get the kind of education that allows them to escape generational poverty. Working with missionaries with World Harvest Mission, we helped build several classrooms expanding the school’s facilities.

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