Update: Kenya: Racefield Computer Room

Donors from The Crossing helped provide matching funding for Racefield School to complete their computer lab in order to comply with national educational certification mandates. Thank God with us for his provision! Below is the letter we recently received thanking the church and sharing photos:

Praise God! It’s all done!

We thank God so much for his continued faithfulness, the computer lab and computer installation is now well done and complete.

The company in which we had given this job to do, they supplied us with the first computers, but after few weeks they told us they are coming to exchange the computers, they got the best computers which are currently in the market of ICT, we were not sure but we trusted.

Thank God it was true, they gave us a system of N-Computing controlled by the main server as you will see in the photos.

We opened the school on 28/8/2017, and the children were really excited to find a new system well installed.

Now we take this special opportunity to thank greatly the couple who donated these funds and the entire Crossing Church for your continued support may our God who sees in secret bless you openly, you have made this ministry of the little ones what it is today, where many souls have received Christ, and others from desperate backgrounds have changed their lives and became responsible adults. The call to serve in this ministry is really fulfilling because of the good fruits of changing lives, kindly continue praying for us and the ministry of these young ones.
Also kindly continue praying for God’s mercies to give us enough rain in its season, the severity of drought is still being experienced so much in our country posing a very great challenge of food security and shooting up of prices.
God has been faithful meeting to our needs and we will continue trusting him for his provisions to all our needs. Thank you again for being used of God to meet our needs of solar system and computers, we will keep praying for God’s blessings upon you. Thank you for your special position in this ministry.
In His service.
Serving the little ones.
Sammy & Felistus
Pray for:
  • God’s continued work in the hearts and lives of the children of Racefield and their teachers/staff
  • the provision of rain and crop to grow well throughout Kenya
  • for food security and safety to increase in the whole of Kenya
  • for the Presidential election that was rescinded by the Kenyan Supreme Court and rescheduled for October to go forward without violence and loss of life
  • for stable governance, rule of law and peace for all of Kenya


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