Tuesday Miscellanea

A collection of the interesting, useful, and beautiful from this week on the web. Enjoy.

1. Though undoubtedly an incredible performer and artist, the National Review Online asks if we should be comfortable calling Michael Jackson an American “Icon.” Good question.

Jonah Goldberg writes:

But let’s pause for a moment on that word “icon.” It seemed the consensus adjective for the news networks…. Every cable network used the word “icon” to describe him as if this was some sort of safe harbor, a word everyone could agree on. “Love him or hate him,” the implied logic went, “he was an ‘icon.’”

Even though the term sounds neutral, it isn’t. An icon, technically speaking, is a religious symbol deserving of reverence and adoration.

Calling Michael Jackson an icon doesn’t let him off the hook for anything. But to listen to the news anchors you’d think it absolves him of everything.

2. Possibly the best site on the entire web has yet another great collection of photos to share: “Recent scenes from the International Space Station

3. Mark Driscoll has made available another free e-book. “Pastor Dad” is a (very) short book – about 40 pages – offering scriptural insights on fatherhood. I found it helpful, focusing, and very very practical in its application to the everyday life of Christian dads. As always with Driscoll it is worth a laugh every few pages. (Download the pdf version here.)

4.US men’s soccer team looses in a heart-breaker to Brazil after going ahead 2-0 in the Confederations Cup Final on Sunday. The US team beat Spain (the #1 ranked team in the world) in the semi-final to advance to the first FIFA tournament final the US men’s team has ever played in. Congratulations on a good showing and a turning point for soccer in America. (Hey, if I don’t mention it, who else around here will?) Some great goals were scored by the way, watch below.

5. Again, a great resource for dudes that I read this week is a short sermon series on Biblical Masculinity from a pastor in Dallas, Matt Chandler.

Part 1 – Defining Masculinity
Part 2 – Men as Husbands
Part 3 – Men as Fathers

(HT: JT)

Have a great week.

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