True/False and the Longing for “More”

Did you see it? It was a longing for something MORE. A restlessness of the heart. A craving for attention and affirmation. That seemed to be the theme of most of the films I saw in this year’s True/False film fest.

Only the Young
Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present
Going Up the Stairs
The Queen of Versailles
Secret Screening Gold
The Imposter
Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

All these films were like parables tapping into that constant yearning in the human heart for something more. It’s like the nagging memory of something we’ve never had, always calling out to us.

That’s the discontented restlessness of the human soul. There’s always something more we “need” to move on to—there’s always someplace better—someone better. We’re restless souls with this instinct to migrate—to journey—for more.

We think—“If I could just get that, THEN I’d be happy. If I could just have more success—if I could get that job—if I could just make more money—get a better home. If I could just be more affirmed for who I am—that’s what I need—then I’d be satisfied.”

But the more we get never satisfies as promised. And our life story ends up as a tragic play of discontent:

“If I could have a new relationship. If I could just start seeing someone.”
“OK, now I’m seeing someone, but I’m not really satisfied yet. But I’ll be happy if I could just have more of this person’s love and commitment and affirmation.”
“OK, now we’re engaged but I’m not happy. But I’ll be satisfied when we’re married.”
“Ok, we’re married but I’m not happy. But I’ll be satisfied someday when we have children and get a house full of kids and family.”
“OK, now we have a family but I’m not happy. But I’ll be satisfied when the kids grow up and need less care and attention.”
“OK, the kids are grown up and I’m not happy. But I’d be satisfied if I could get out of this failed marriage and find someone who really cares about me and likes the same things I like and affirms me for who I am—the soul mate I never had—the soul mate that tells me they can find for me.”

We live in a land of unsatisfied desires and longings. The more we get is never enough. Never lasts. Always leaves us longing for more. We always want more.

And why. It’s because you WERE created for MORE. There really IS more. That’s why it’s your soul’s instinct to keep looking for more. More exists. That’s WHY more is the instinctive drive in everyone’s life journey.

As pastor and author Tullian Tchividjian writes in his new book, Jesus + Nothing = Everything, (p. 26-28)—

We crave a full acceptance and favor, we crave a lasting affection and approval, we crave meaning and purpose, and we crave a freedom from our limitations and restrictions and failures.

…Something within us hungers for what we don’t yet have. And whether or not we realize it, this drives our every pursuit. We crave the more—sometimes wildly and illogically, it seems, but consistently, recurrently.

…Why are they all inadequate? Pascal reaches the astute deduction: “Because the infinite abyss can only be filled by an infinite and immutable object, that is to say, only by God Himself.” The everything we crave is so vast, so comprehensive, so deep, so high, that it extends even this far—to God himself.

Paul David Tripp—counselor, pastor, and author—describes it this way in his book, A Shelter in the Time of Storm, (p. 33)—

In your quest, what you are actually discovering is that you were hardwired to be connected to Another. . . . In this way, every human being is on a quest for God; the problem is we don’t know that….

In 1 Cor 1:9 (NIV), the Bible describes the kingdom of heaven—the “more” you have been longing for…

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.

God created your soul to LONG for more—FAR more—but that longing is in reality the inner instinct of the longing for heaven. Because the more we were created for is actually Christ himself! We just don’t know it.

That’s what I was reminded of over and over at this year’s True/False.

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