Treasuring God’s Word at Kids Club Next Week

If you’ve been around The Crossing for any length of time, you know that Kids Club is a big deal. Many kids brim with anticipation for the week and talk about it long afterward. Outside of Sunday mornings, it’s probably the event that mobilizes a greater percentage of our church than any other throughout the year. Hundreds of volunteers (almost as many as the number of kids attending) join the greater part of our staff to contribute an astonishing amount of time and effort to make the week happen.

Given all this, why orient the entire week around the idea of treasuring God’s word?

The short answer: because kids, even though they’re young, are human beings. And every human being ultimately needs the same thing…or rather the same person: Jesus.

Just like adults, kids carry fears and burdens of hidden weight. They deal with disappointment and struggle. They have understandings of God, themselves, and the world they live in that are often greatly distorted. And they seek after what they believe will offer them satisfaction and joy, regardless of whether it is can actually deliver. 

The heart of every person, including every child, is contested ground, where the petty, broken realm of self fights desperately against anything or anyone that would stand in its way. And the stakes of this conflict couldn’t be higher.

But the remedy all of these things and more is the gospel, the good news of Jesus.

His holiness uncovers the depth of our sin.
His wisdom corrects our ignorance and distorted perspectives.
His humble majesty checks our pride.
His blood pays our penalty.
His resurrection gives us new and eternal life. 
His promises calm our fears and offer us hope.
His glory, beauty, and goodness will satisfy our deepest longing.

But if all that is true, how do we encounter, Jesus? Ultimately speaking, we find him in the pages of the Bible. There, God clearly reveals the good news of his Son. In fact, all Scripture points, in one way or another, to Jesus (see, e.g., Luke 24:27, 44). 

All this helps make sense out of several things that the Bible says about itself:

It’s worth more than thousands of pieces of silver and gold (Psa. 119:72).
It’s a lamp to our feet and a light to our path (Psa. 119:105).
It’s the sword of God’s Spirit, equipping us to fight our spiritual battle (Eph. 6:17). 
It’s the means through which we’re born again (1 Pet. 1:23).
It equips us for every good work (2 Tim. 3:16).

The fact of the matter is that not only is it impossible to come to know Jesus rightly apart from the truth revealed in the Bible, but it’s also extremely difficult to maintain and grow our faith in him in the midst of life’s challenges and temptations without regularly trafficking in the same. It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that if we don’t have the Bible, we don’t have Jesus.

Of course, that means that there’s no better time for a person to come to understand the value of God’s word than as a child. And that’s why Kid’s Club will be a week built around impressing this truth, in all kinds of fun and creative ways, on their hearts.

(And if some of that rubs off on the rest of us, so much the better.)

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