Totally Like Whatever, You Know

Taylor Mali is a modern-day poet known for his “slam poetry.” I’ve listened to and read many of his poems and have found him to be quite thoughtful and talented.

Here’s one such example, with a creative presentation. Take a few minutes to watch this. I think you’ll find that you’re convicted, entertained, and inspired all at the same time.

A few brief thoughts:

1. The way in which we speak does communicate something about our urgency and our convictions. In a world where “hip interrogative tones” are cool, we should keep this in mind.

2. People don’t follow wishy-washy people who say “like” a lot. They follow leaders. Be one.

3. Best line – “I have nothing personally invested in my own opinions, I’m just inviting you to join me on the bandwagon of my own uncertainty.”

4. There is power in words. Carefully crafted and well thought out phrases, sentences, and paragraphs stick in your brain for later recall. So choose your words carefully with friends, family, children.

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