Three Service Update

Everywhere I’ve gone this week, people have asked me how the first Sunday of three services went. So I thought I’d write a brief update.

Last Sunday went exceptionally well in the sense that we were able to accommodate almost 2,500 people in the auditorium, 615 kids through 5th grade and 250 students in Middle School, Junior High, and Senior High. Except for this past Easter (when we also had three services), this was our largest Sunday attendance in our 11-year history, and could never have happened without adding the additional service time.

If you helped in any way, big or small, we really appreciate it. Your willingness to serve or change your normal routine didn’t go unnoticed by us nor, more importantly, by God. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of challenges still facing us.

For example: During the 9:30 service, we had to close five children’s classrooms due to over-crowding and lack of space. And, during the 11:00 service, we had to use the overflow room due to overcrowding in the auditorium. These are just some of the issues to which we’re still trying to come up with both short and long term solutions. Quick Solution: If you have the flexibility to go to the 8:00 service, that would be a huge help. There were 550 people in the first service, leaving 450 seats available.

This transition to three service is motivated by one reason alone: God cares about people and therefore so should we. We have never had growth or attendance goals. We’ve only prayed that God would bring the people He wants to come. As long as He keeps bringing people, we believe it is our responsibility to provide a place for them to meet God just as we have done. Let’s keep praying that God would work in our lives, families, church, and community.

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