Theology Survey

Last year some thoughtful friends gave their responses to a survey about their thoughts and opinions of theology. The age range was mostly college and post-college young people. Their responses are very interesting and all across the spectrum from those who think theology is irrelevant and the focus of Christianity should be elsewhere to those who think it is the heart of Christianity and everything in between.

Here are links to the responses to each question.

1. What associations come into your mind when you hear the words ‘doctrine’ and ‘theology’?
2. Is the fact that there are different denominations in the church a good thing or a bad thing?
3. What are the cases in which it is ok for theology to cause division among Christians?
4. How does “doing” and “learning” in the Christian life interact? Which is Jesus more pleased by?
5. Should Christian theology be about the basics – that which is common ground across denominations or religions?
6. Is correct theology necessary for salvation?
7. What did Jesus think about theology?
8. What is the difference between Jesus and Religion?

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