The Talking Pictures Discussion of HolyWars

As Dave previewed last week, we screened the documentary HolyWars this past Friday night as a part of our ongoing Talking Pictures series. The event was unusual in that the film’s director, Stephen Marshall, was actually on hand to participate in the discussion afterward (a first for Talking Pics—the Cohen brothers turned us down to talk about No County for Old Men…I kid). He was joined by David Wilson, the man who, as co-director of the True/False Film Festival, was largely responsible for bringing the film to our attention in the first place. Dave constituted the final member of the panel and I was on hand to moderate the conversation.

Several people who were in attendance told me afterward that they really appreciated the film and subsequent discussion. Credit both Stephen and David for their willingness to come to a church to talk about a film that is in many ways challenging for Christians. Dave also did a great job of providing a nuanced take on the film and the issues it raises from a biblically informed Christian perspective. I thought the whole discussion was a great example of three people who, despite not always sharing the same beliefs about important issues, were nevertheless committed to have a substantial conversation while respecting and showing goodwill toward one another.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to be able to make available the video taken from the event:

The Crossing’s Talking Pictures: HolyWars Panel Discussion from The Crossing on Vimeo.

For those of you who haven’t seen the film, I wish I could direct you to a way you could view it, but to this point, it doesn’t have a distribution deal (thanks again to Stephen for letting us show it at The Crossing), though you can read a brief preview here.

Here are a few more pictures from the evening (thanks to Gerik Parmele for all the photos):

Director Stephen Marshall prepares to respond as David Wilson looks on.

Dave weighs in, looking cogent.

The audience listens to the discussion panel. Here I’m tempted to make some joke about Gerik’s artfully captured photo actually documenting that the conversation was bathed in supernatural brilliance…

Stephen Marshall chats with audience members after the discussion.

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