The Quotable Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon has been dead for over 100 years and yet his influence has not died. Through his sermons and books, he continues to touch people’s lives and shape their faith. I make it a habit to periodically read books about him or by him. Lately, I’ve been reading a collection of sermons by him on the cross of Christ. Here is a convicting paragraph that I recently came across in a message entitled “The Crown of Thorns” based on Matthew 27:29: And when they had platted a crown of thorns, they put it upon his head (KJV).

“Who seeks for ease when he has seen the Lord Christ? If Christ wears a crown of thorns, shall we covet a crown of laurel? Even the fierce Crusader when he entered into Jerusalem, and was elected king, had sense enough to say, “I will not wear a crown of gold in the same city where my Savior wore a crown of thorns.” Why should we desire, like feather-bed soldiers, to have everything arranged for our ease and pleasure? Why this reclining when Jesus hangs on a cross? Why this soft raiment (clothes) when He is naked? Why these luxuries when He is barbarously entreated? Thus the thorn crown cures us at once of the vainglory of the world, and of our own selfish love of ease….For us neither delights of the flesh nor the pride of life can have charms while the Man of Sorrows is in view. For us it remains to suffer, and to labor, till the King shall bid us share His rest.”

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