The One Thing

Last Sunday we looked at Luke 10:38-42 and asked whether we, like Martha, were letting the many things distract us from the one thing. Or as I asked myself this morning, “Am I letting good things keep me from the best thing–Jesus? In one sense it really is a matter of priorities. I stand by the statement: “You always have time to do what is most important to you.”

But the discipline of making and keeping the right priorities only gets you so far. It will get you started but it won’t get you to the finish line. Just ask all the people at the gym right now. The first week of January it is packed, but by February there will be plenty of equipment open. The discipline of prioritizing health got them going to the gym but discipline alone can’t keep them going.

I think that it’s the same with reading our Bible. Discipline is often needed to get started but our hope, prayer, and expectation is that the discipline will soon be replaced by delight. It’s fine to start reading your Bible because you know you should, but I think that you will soon want to read your Bible because you’re sitting at Jesus feet learning from him. It’s fine to start reading your Bible because others at The Crossing are doing it with you, but our hope is that you will keep reading your Bible because you find it revives your soul, gives you God’s wisdom, and brings lasting joy (Psalm 19).

A quick reminder that you can pick up the Bible reading plan at the bookstore or it is available on The Crossing’s App for smart phones.

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