The New ESV and Study Bible Online Website

A while back I touted what a great resource the ESV Study Bible is. It has helpful and doctrinally sound theological articles, introductions to each book of the Bible, and notes at the bottom for further theological explanations. Many of it’s authors/contributors are the favorite theologians that The Crossing’s pastors had as seminary professors, or whose theological books and biblical commentaries we have greatly benefited from. Many of our sermons and Connections Classes have reflected their material.

So if you want some helpful theological teaching alongside you as you read through your Bible, the ESV Study Bible is at the top of our list of resources we highly encourage you to invest in. You can buy a hardback version at The Crossing’s bookstore for $30. Leather and synthetic leather versions are also available. We price these Bibles at our cost. We make zero profit. We just want to get them into as many hands in our church as possible.

But here is the most recent benefit, and why I’m writing about the ESVSB now—when you purchase an ESV Study Bible, you get a card inserted that provides an access code for use of a free online version. And herein lies a real bonus to the ESV Study Bible. This has always been available for owners of the ESVSB, but now they have recently improved their website significantly. Once you establish your login (from entering your access code included with your Bible), you have a wealth of online resources immediately available to you on your computer or your iPad (it looks great on an iPad, actually). All the ESVSB resources—charts, illustrations, articles, introductions, theological notes, etc.—all right there on your screen in such an attractive, helpful, and easy to use three-column grid. I’ve copied a screenshot above to show you what I mean, although for some reason it looks way too blurry on this blog, but you get the basic appearance. You can use this website even without purchasing an ESV Study Bible, but you’ll only be able to access the biblical texts, without the benefit of all the ESVSB resources. Take a look for yourself here.

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