The iPad and Idolatry

Full disclosure: I own an iPhone, I love it, and I want the new 3GS. I would also like a Kindle, and while not sold on the iPad just yet, I’m sure when the inevitable price drop occurs (over/under 6 months…there’s probably a betting line on that in Vegas somewhere) I’ll probably want it too.

But this video was posted on a pastor’s blog, and it got me thinking. It’s 3 minutes and pretty interesting. Someone took the big iPad release announcement that Apple and Steve Jobs put on last week, and boiled it down to 180 seconds.

Here’s the thing about the iPad – you can take all the innovation and marketing, and boil it all down to 3 minutes of hyperbole. It’s fantastic, amazing, terrific, better, smarter, etc., etc.

But bloggers and techies are already criticizing it on many fronts. And even though many will purchase it and many will enjoy it thoroughly, in a year there will be a new more fantastic, amazing, terrific, better, smarter product. Something else which will streamline your life, make it more efficient, more enjoyable.

So all those promises encompassed in superlatives are really just empty hyperbole.

And as I watched it and was struck by the empty hyperbole I was reminded that the newest gadget is no different from all the lies and idols that Satan tries to feed us. The new car, the new house, the new career, the new marriage. They all hold the promises of endless adjectives and superlatives. They’ll change your life, they’ll make it better, they’ll finally fulfill and satisfy you.

But they’re all just empty hyperbole. No matter how the idols you and I are tempted with are wrapped and presented, they are as empty as a 3 minute string of adjectives.

Because everything minus Jesus equals nothing.
And nothing plus Jesus equals everything.

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