The Dreaded “H” Factor

I’m talking hormones, ladies.

Before I continue, a Disclaimer to Husbands may be in order: Ok guys, this post is definitely for the women out there. However, if you decide to share this with your wife because you think she “needs help in this area,” might I suggest that you tread lightly and do so with the utmost sensitivity? Prime examples of the wrong way to broach the subject: “Honey, you’re being hormonal again. Check out this post. “ or “Is it that time of the month? I think you might want to check out this post.” When in doubt, I suggest that you don’t say anything in the moment and pray for her instead. 🙂

Every woman deals with hormones in some way or another. For some of us, hormones during PMS, pregnancy, the postpartum time, and menopause not only are bothersome, but can wreak havoc in our personal lives. How, then, can we deal biblically with our emotions and an altered physical state? Do we really have any way of controlling our emotions or physical reactions to the effects of hormones? For more about this issue, check out the girltalk blog where they are doing a series on this topic right now. Here is an excerpt:

Our Lord does not stick us in the middle of hormonal craziness and leave us alone to find our way out of the maze. No, He graciously provides a way of escape so we can endure it. He provides a way of escape so we can rejoice in Him (even when it’s the last thing we feel like doing). He also provides a way of escape so we can serve others (even when it’s the last thing we feel like doing!). We’ll spend the next few days considering some of the ‘ways of escape’ God has so graciously provided.

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