The Dadgum FCA

As a board member of Mid-Missouri Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I want to use this blog to make a shameless plug for a fantastic organization in our local community which also happens to be supported by The Crossing. Scott Ashton has been the regional director of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes for over ten years. I consider Scott an incredible visionary leader and also a great friend.

You may have had the opportunity to hear about Mid-Mo FCA this past Tuesday from the great hall of fame coach Bobby Bowden. FCA brought coach Bowden to Columbia to talk about life, faith and football. If you happened to miss this great event, I can sum up the evening in one sentence; “you need to be saved…dadgum it”! What a great night of funny stories and reflection from a life well lived. I learned a few things on Tuesday night from coach Bowden. First, you can say just about anything if you are 81 years old, you were raised in the south and you’re the second winningest football coach in history. Secondly, as I listened to coach Bowden, I thought about how we have a tendency to overcomplicate our lives sometimes.

Here is a man whose entire life was so intertwined with a game, but his heart was singularly focused on pointing others to the saving power of Jesus Christ. Now, I am sure that coach Bowden has his issues, as we all do. However, I couldn’t help but wonder; if I make it to 81, what will my reflections on my life entail?

Coach Bowden had a a platform to influence kids and direct them into making positive choices that would define them as they crossed the threshold of boys to men. What a great opportunity. What is your platform? What is your forum? Do you ever consider that you have the exact same opportunity to point others to the saving power of Jesus Christ that so defines the life of someone like coach Bowden?

It is not an accident The Crossing emphasizes community. The belief that the gospel is best shared through the context of relationships is a core value held by The Crossing. Coach Bowden could engage those young men with the gospel because he had established community in his football team. What is your commitment to community? Are you involved in enough authentic relationships that you can shine the light of the truth of the gospel into the lives of others?

I can’t pretend to know what I will be thinking about at 81 years of age. My hope is that my pride hasn’t clouded my perspective on God’s call for me to simply share the love and grace of Jesus with those God brings into my life. It was encouraging to see on Tuesday that a legend in the game of football still holds so tightly to this simple, yet profound, truth.

If you are looking for community and a way to serve others as an influencer. Go to and find out more about how you can help FCA equip coaches and kids right here in Mid-Missouri with the knowledge of the love of Jesus Christ.

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