The Crossing’s Mission Trip to Jamaica

In just mere hours The Crossing Student Ministries will be taking 47 people to Harmons, Jamaica for a mission trip (don’t bother Googling it…Harmons is so small it doesn’t show up. It’s in Manchester Parish). The 47 are comprised of a few leaders, and then close to half and half students and parents.

While down there we’ll be building homes, maintaining greenhouses, and visiting the sick during the days, and developing relationships and spending time with Jamaicans in the evenings.

You can follow along if you wish by viewing daily photo galleries of our team at the following link: Won by One.

In the meantime, if you have a few spare moments, we’d appreciate prayers for the following things.

  • For our hearts to be prepared, humbled, and selfless. The temptation on a mission trip is to go largely for the inner-benefit you feel for helping someone else. That’s not wholly wrong, but we’ve been praying that we’d go primarily for the benefits the locals will receive from our time and energy.
  • For the Jamaicans’ hearts to prepared. Another temptation is for Americans to feel superior because we have the money to do things like this, which can easily lead (if we’re not careful) to inferior feelings for locals. We’re going to work alongside the Jamaicans to offer our help in some areas, and to learn from them in others. May the Gospel be impacting their hearts (as well as ours) right now as well as next week.
  • For the relationships between parents and students. This is our first “family mission trip.” It’s our hope that those relationships would be deepened by honest and reflective conversations, as well as shared experiences and memories.
  • For the Won by One staff. Running an overseas mission ministry is a tall task. Pray for wisdom and insight for those in leadership as they shape and direct this ministry in biblical and wise ways.
  • For safe travel. We’re driving to St. Louis where we’ll catch multiple flights back and forth. Pray for safety in the air, as well as no hang-ups through customs (as well as no lost passports…which sometimes happens with teenagers).
  • For the Gospel to impact all involved. May Christ’s love rest on those Jamaicans we help. May hearts, both Jamaican and American, be opened to the things all of us will experience.

I’m sure Keith or I will post our thoughts upon our return. But in the meantime we appreciate your prayers.

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