The Broadway Brewery

Here’s a new local restaurant tip: The Broadway Brewery has just opened up downtown on the south side of Broadway between 8th and 9th Streets (or between Sycamore and Tellers). It’s down those steps off the side walk, just next door to where The Root Cellar is. Check out their web site here, where you can view a menu and learn about their ingredients for food and about their in-house beers. I’m very excited that this place has opened in Columbia.

But what I especially like about The Broadway Brewery is that the vast majority of their meats and produce come from local farms. Home brews. Home foods. Unprocessed ingredients. That’s my kind of restaurant. The Tribune recently did a nice article on them here.

I’ve eaten at The Broadway Brewery twice now, with a quality dining experience each time. My only slight complaint is that it took a bit long for us to get our food after ordering. But that’s only a slight complaint because it’s a worthy trade off considering the kind of food I’m being served. On many levels, this is not fast food. So plan on eating at The Broadway Brewery when you have at least 90 minutes to do so. Let’s support great restaurants like this in Columbia.

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