Thank You Notes from Drought Stricken Kenya

The Crossing recently sent special food relief funds to our Kenya project partners. The drought and resulting famine in East Africa are making it terribly expensive for these partner ministries to keep the children fed. Here are the thank you notes they’ve sent.

From Racefield School:

God bless you so much, Crossing Church!

Surely you have all been used of God! The famine in Kenya has become so acute and unbearable, the food prices going very high! 

We have been going through food crisis at the school, and due to food shortages all over we enrolled more pupils in our school because they knew they will be getting something to eat, we started food rationing as the only option and we can tell pupils are not satisfied but its the only way to cope. we thought of sharing this with you but found it hard because of the much support you have been giving us and even of the recent one [for the computer room]! Thank you for your Love! and giving your service as to the Living God. We are very humbled and as a Church you have been ministering to us in a special way.
We turned to God in prayer because this was not possible in human eyes! Thank you so much for God choosing you to intervene in our desperate situation, thank you, thank you may God greatly continue blessing THE CROSSING!! You have been of great help to this ministry may God bless you in his own special ways! You have really made this work a success, we can only pay you our faithfulness in it. You will always remain our hearts and prayers…we are very grateful. Kindly continue praying that food prices will go down just as our government has been promising.
We will be sending you the photos of the on going computer lab construction step by step. Kindly give our special regards to The Crossing and share with them our great, great appreciation for the great support.
God blessings you
Lord’s stewards.
Sammy & Felistus
For Racefield Children’s Ministry.

From New City Fellowship: Nairobi:


On behalf of New City Fellowship church, Nairobi Kenya, I would like to thank you and really appreciate for the financial gift we received from you /The Crossing Church in Columbia Missouri. This gift will be used in different ministries / congregational needs. This gift came at the right time as we are preparing for our annual budget this month, and it help us meet part of our budget.
Once again thank you, for thinking and praying for us!
God bless you and our greetings to the church.
Thanking you,
For New City Fellowship
Vijay Vora
From El Shaddai School:
Thanksgiving and joy for the answered prayer!!
We are writing to you to say thank you for the Almighty God for providing lunch for the schoolkids. Thanks be to God for those who has worked tirelessly towards this. May the Lord bless you all. Our Kids can learn well without missing school because of hunger.
Thank You. May the Lord bless you all.
Julius and Mary
From Christ the Redeemer School:
Dear Crossing, Thank you so much for these extra funds. They will helps so much. Thank you for having them deposited directly into the school account.
Pastor Joel
From Pistis School:
Hope all our friends at the Crossing Church are well. We too are well. The student are doing very well. Four of our students have completed high school. Two of them have already joined university while the other two are waiting to join in September. We are very grateful for your continued support. It has played a big role for us to be where we are.
The last donation was a very big boost to our curriculum. It helped alot. [This recent donation will help with food expenses and] the curriculum too. This is the heart of our school because without the paces (books) no learning can take place.
Recently, I have admitted  two orphans aged 4 and 9 to our school. Pistis is going to educate them by faith up to high school. They are very bright girls and part of this donation is going to cater for their needs. So I am very grateful for this provision.
I have been praying for God to lead me in building a permanent School and I feel that time has now come to start the project. My fears are that because the university is growing, they might decide to kick us out. My husband and I have a two acre piece of land which we want to donate to Pistis for this project. Please pray with us for God to provide funds for the project.
Our  love and greetings to all.

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