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Mission Spotlight: Young Life Columbia


YL Primary ColorYoung Life is a local ministry partner of The Crossing. Young Life sends Leaders into the mission fields of our local high schools: Hickman, Rock Bridge, and Battle.

Luke Neal, the Young Life Area Director describes the ministry of Young Life in this way:

“Our Young Life Leaders enter into the world of unchurched, disinterested [9-12 graders] (ala John 1:14) in order to build friendships with them so that the Gospel can be heard in human terms.”

Mission Spotlight: Local Ministry Partners

equippingLocal ministry partnerships are an important way The Crossing meets the needs in our community. We support 14 local ministries including 8 ministry staff.

The Crossing’s Equipping the Saints Partnership Drive is currently underway. The Crossing partners with several organizations in Columbia devoted to helping others all year long. This year at Christmas, you can help others by partnering with them. Get involved by giving a high-impact gift that equips these organizations to continue making a difference in specific lives, in specific ways.

Organizations you can partner with include:

ESI: Mission Spotlight has already featured Cor and in2Action. Watch for future Mission Spotlight features for all our other local ministry partners in coming months.

In addition to ministries involved in our Equipping the Saints Partnership Drive, The Crossing also supports and encourages you to give to these local organizations and staff: