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Who Is the Person of the Year…in God’s Eyes?

The end of the calendar year always brings with it a host of awards, recognitions, “best of” lists, and the like. And perhaps the most well-known of these was announced last week: Time recognized Donald Trump as its 2016 Person of the Year.

Of course, Time isn’t the only publication or organization that recognizes a man/woman/person of the year. GQ magazine tapped actor Ryan Reynolds, Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt, and actor/director Warren Beatty for the covers of its Men of the Year issue, while Glamour selected pop star Gwen Stefani in the same role for its Women of the Year issue. A bit narrower in scope is Sports Illustrated, which recognized NBA champion and Finals MVP LeBron James as its sportsperson of the year. No doubt we could find more examples.

All this got me thinking about something that’s admittedly speculative, but maybe helpful nonetheless: what if God gave out a person of the year award? What would be his criteria for selecting the winner?