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The Biggest Threat to Christianity

What’s the biggest threat facing Christianity today? That is, who or what is most likely to undermine the well-being and growth of the Christian faith and those who embrace it?

The answer might change depending on where you live in the world. Christians in the Middle East face persecution, dislocation, and death because of groups like ISIS. Chinese believers must contend with the attempts from by their government to regulate doctrine thought to undermine the state. Christians in America and other Western countries face broad cultural changes that make faithfulness to historic, biblical Christianity more difficult and seemingly far less appealing.

These and other challenges we could list are all very serious. But over the centuries, the Christian church has proven to be remarkably resilient against a wide variety of external challenges. Accordingly, they may all take a back seat to something else, an internal threat the Christian church has battled since its very beginning. What is that threat?