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Are You on the Wrong Side of History?

Unknown“You’re on the wrong side of history.”

These days, Christians hear that sentiment, if not those exact words, on a regular basis. But this isn’t exactly new. For the last two thousand years, in places all around the world, Christians have regularly found themselves called to live lives that are out of step with the prevailing cultural winds swirling around them.

In our own time, biblical teaching increasingly cuts against the broadly held belief that each of us is the master of our own life, the final judge of what is true and, maybe even more importantly, what leads to happiness. And so, for example, a biblically faithful view on the topics of sex, gender, and family is increasingly seen as not simply old-fashioned, but rather repressive and even bigoted…and therefore on the wrong side of history.

How do we respond in light of this? A couple of thoughts: