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Crossing Explainer: Seven Important Things You Need to Know About the Bible

IMG_23141. The Bible was written by many different human authors.

Like classic Russian novels, the Bible is bigger than most books. But unlike Russian novels, it has more than one human author. In fact, a great many authors, including some of the more familiar names to the Christian faith, like Moses, David, Peter, John, and Paul, have written several of its 66 individual books. But this isn’t just a piece of Bible trivia. Those different authors wrote in different historical situations, using different vocabulary and writing styles—all of which helps to explain why one part of the Bible reads differently than the next.

2. The Bible has one ultimate Author.

We’re not given many details on how he did it, but we’re clearly assured that he did: behind the various human writers, each writing in their own voice, stands God himself as the ultimate author (see 2 Timothy 3:16, 2 Peter 1:20-21). This means that the Bible exhibits his trustworthiness and carries his authority. It also leads to the next point.

Can We Really Trust the Bible?

IMG_2314Pretty much everyone believes that the Bible is a big deal for the Christian faith. For some who find its contents unbelievable or even offensive, the Bible is the reason that they don’t want to believe. Others would like to explain parts of it away to leave Christianity seemingly more in step with our modern world. And then there are those who find that life only really makes sense when seen through the lens of biblical truth. Whatever our opinion of Christianity, what we think about the Bible tends to be an extremely important factor in the discussion.

For my own part, I’d go so far as to say that if we remove the authority and trustworthiness of the Bible from the conversation we’ll eventually arrive at something other than Christianity. We might have some kind of religion, but it won’t be the faith that Christians have ascribed to for almost 2000 years.

So the question of whether we can actually trust the Bible is both fair and crucial. One way or another, the answer has serious consequences.

Newsweek’s Flawed Criticism of the Bible

It’s fairly common for a high profile media outlet to run a feature that discusses important aspects of the Christian faith. And when they do, I have to admit that my first reaction usually isn’t hopeful. Newsweek’s recent lengthy examination of the Bible, and how many Christians supposedly misuse it, is a prime example as to why.

Interacting with every questionable point in the article would take far more time and space than I can give it here. (Those interested can check out more extensive critiques from Darrel Bock, Daniel Wallace, and Michael Brown. To Newsweek’s credit, the latter is found on their own site.) Instead, I’ll point out a handful of major issues in the hope of illustrating the problematic nature of the piece: