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The (Not So Terrible) Burden of Your Many Blessings

Have you ever stopped to notice how many of the things we see as problems in our lives are in some way tied up with the many, many blessings we enjoy?

I’ve written about his before on ESI, but given how often I need this reminder, it might be helpful to bring it up again, particularly during the week of Thanksgiving.

These won’t necessarily apply to everyone, but consider a few common examples:

Ten Things We Can Always Be Thankful For

It turns out that you and I have a lot to be thankful for.

Because if you’re someone who knows Christ, the following things are true of and for you, regardless of the circumstances in which you find yourself. They’re all worth thanking God for this week…and, for that matter, any other time:

What’s Going On When We Give Thanks

By now, most of us have shaken off the Thanksgiving food stupor (if the not the extra pound or two) that can come easily over the holiday—perhaps even to the point where we can briefly think a bit more deeply about what’s going on when we give thanks.

Most of us have been in some way conditioned to thank other people when they do something that benefits us. At the very least, it’s an acknowledgement that what they’ve done has blessed us in some way. We may even speak in terms of owing someone “a debt of gratitude.” That would seem to makes sense when we can easily trace a benefit to the actions of another human party.

But what about the larger picture? In a recent article, Emma Green frames it this way: “You can thank your grandma for making delicious pie, but who do you thank for the general circumstances of your life?”