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Why Do We Sing In Church?

13937815_10154007536976725_405577530640927386_oI get it. You don’t like music in general. Or you don’t like the music selected for a particular worship service. Or you find some of it hard to sing along to for whatever reason. And so you ask a reasonable question:

Why do we need to sing in church anyway?

Oh sure, you understand why we have things like readings from the Bible and sermons. God’s truth changes lives. And so it only makes sense that we need to read that truth in the Bible and be taught what it means and how it applies to our lives. So far so good.

And you might acknowledge that praying makes sense as well. After all, who doesn’t need God’s guidance and help for all kinds of things? You might even think that it’s good for us to admit to God all the ways we blow it with him and with others. And so you don’t normally have a problem with praying in church either.

Still, none of this necessarily has to involve music or singing. And yet, pretty much every church throughout history has regularly included those things. How come?

Let me suggest at least two reasons: