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Uganda NOW Outreach: Brent Messimer

Brent Messimer is the founder and director of Rescue Innocence, the topic of last week’s mission post on ESI. Brent is also the previous Director of Evangelism for Uganda NOW Outreach and continues to serve them as a volunteer. The Crossing supports his work as a missionary serving in these interrelated ministries. He provides this guest post to give us an idea of the ministry in Uganda:

A prescription for the perfect mission week serving in Uganda:

2 excited volunteers [Allen & Sue] and a [soon to be former] Uganda NOW Outreach director (me), two villages to work in (Makindu and Busagazi), 300 toothbrushes for the kids, over $1000 of donated stationary, around $500 makeup products, $300 worth of soccer balls, small goals, footballs, and Frisbee’s for the sports ministry, rice and meat (the first time this year our kids ate meat), and a lot of hours preparing lessons and sermons.

Rescue Innocence: Freeing Modern-day Slaves

Rescue Innocence raises awareness about human trafficking while diligently working to help victims of modern-day slavery. Rescue Innocence advocates for victims and strives to help survivors heal and thrive. They also work to meet the needs of the homeless and other people facing victimization in Columbia, MO.

In addition to receiving support from The Crossing, Rescue Innocence alos partners with Love INC and other organizations to meet the practical needs of victims by arranging for housing, clothing and life skills.

Rescue Innocence volunteer teams also reach out to help men coming out of prison and other offenders they meet during their outreach encounters.

Ways you can get involved:

  • Pray:
    • For the victims to be sustained and made ready
    • For the volunteers to be courageous and wise
    • For God’s right timing of encounters and rescue efforts
    • For God to open the doors for spiritual and physical freedom
  • Volunteer: For details contact Brent Messimer: [email protected]
  • Spread the word: Book a Rescue Innocence speaker by contacting Brent at the email above.
    • Rescue Innocence speakers teach about modern-day slavery at:
      • conferences
      • camps
      • retreats
      • churches
      • youth groups
      • schools
      • and more
    • Included in their presentations are:
      • How prevalent is modern-day slavery?
      • What does modern-day slavery look like?
      • How can someone stay safe?
      • How can someone make a difference?

Listen to the Rescue Innocence Story:

Crossing Explainer: Redemption

This past weekend at The Crossing, someone stopped me before the class I was about to teach and said something to this effect: “Atonement. Redemption. I’ve heard these words a lot. But what do they mean?”

I’m glad he asked the question, because I’m convinced that this is a common experience in Christian contexts. We come across the words often enough, maybe in a worship service or a small group study, or even reading the Bible on our own. And we know they’re important. But we’re just not always sure what they mean.

In fact, this is to be expected. Almost any organization or particular field of study contains specialized language. And that language allows us to convey important concepts in a quick and concise manner. That is, as long as we know what that language means. If we don’t, understanding and appreciating what’s being communicated can be much more difficult.

Enter the Crossing Explainer: a short blog post defining a key term associated with the Christian faith. For the inaugural post, let’s look at one of the terms mentioned above: redemption. (And even if you think you’re familiar with the term, you may find it richer than you realized.)