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Welcome to the New Every Square Inch

Welcome to the newly redesigned Every Square Inch!

In addition to the visual update, the new site is intended to give you more and better options to read and share posts that will help you grow in your understanding the gospel and its relationship to every area of life. To that end, we’ll keep writing about culture, theology, family, apologetics, devotional matters, and more.

So take a few minutes to explore the new set-up. A few things to keep in mind as you do:

1. If you’d like to subscribe to ESI over email or by RSS feed, you can do so by hitting the feeds icon on the far right of the menu bar or simply clicking here.

2. You’ll find easy ways to share content by clicking the “share this” icon in the column to the left or by using the icons at the end of each post.

3. All the previous posts have been imported to the new site. You can browse through older posts simply by scrolling down (which will continually load earlier pages), or through the archives, categories, and authors pages. Some of the formatting in individual posts may have suffered a bit from the changeover—the price we pay for progress….

Finally, our apologies in advance for any hiccups over the next few days as we try to make sure everything works the way it should.