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A Nine-Year-Old, a Rainstorm, and the Grace of God

rain-122691_640I heard my wife clearly say it. “Don’t get wet!”

And then I heard the door going outside to our garage open and close. Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought, “That’s not good.” I wish I could say I responded well to what came next.

To set the scene: imagine the borderline chaos that boils up at the Tiemeyer household each morning shortly before I leave to take the kids to school. While I’m getting ready for work, my wife is usually shepherding our kids through all the necessary steps. Shoes need to be put on. Lunches packed. Backpacks accounted for. Fights interrupted. Bless-your-heart attempts at dressing changed out. And so on.

On this particular morning, my oldest had either gotten all his things together already (unusual) or he was forgetting the need to do so (more likely). And so out the door he went. His loves to be outside, and his current near obsession is throwing a tennis ball against our garage door. On this morning, however, it was raining. Not sprinkling. Raining. Fairly hard. Thus my wife’s instruction.

And so, what did I see when I raised the garage door as I went out to my car?