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Do You Really Want a God You Can Always Understand?

Maybe you’ve had a situation in your life that’s made you genuinely question God. A family member with a terrible illness. A broken relationship. A job opportunity that seemed perfect, but didn’t work out or brought you a lot of misery. Whatever the specific details, it’s just hard to see what God is/was up to.

Or maybe it’s something else, like a news report of refugees fleeing war and unrest. They need food and shelter. People are dying, including children. How could God allow these things to happen? Isn’t he good? Isn’t he powerful enough to prevent these things?

It could be an issue with something else you’ve been taught about God that’s simply tough to understand. How can God be three distinct persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—and still be one God? How does that work?

The truth is, there are many things in life related to God and his ways that are, to say the least, difficult to wrap our minds around. And that can lead to searching questions. And those questions can lead to uncertainty, frustration, and, in some cases, even fear and anger.

So what do we do when find ourselves in this kind of situation?