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Racefield School in Kenya: Update

Since 2006, The Crossing has supported special projects at Racefield School which is located in a very drought-prone and impoverished area of Kenya near Mwingi town. The school takes in paying boarding students while also providing education for at-risk orphans and vulnerable children. Despite the poverty of their situation, Racefield remains commited to educational excellence

Seven Quick Thoughts on Praying with Your Kids

Most of us probably think it’s a good idea, at least in theory, to pray with our kids at bedtime. But we may be unsure of what we should pray with them about. Or we may think we sound like one of those particularly annoying toys that repeats the same phrases over and over again. Not to mention all the times when we’re dog-tired or the kids are on the verge of meltdown because they’ve stayed up way too late for one reason or another. And in my house at least, there’s three of the little buggers, which in itself can make the hill look that much higher to climb. So yes, there are plenty of things that might discourage us from turning something good in theory into our actual practice.

With all that in mind, here are a few things to remember as we consider praying for our kids. I’ve thought of bedtime specifically as I’ve written these, but I think they’re relevant for most other times as well.

Pray for Bible Translation in Zambia…and Beyond

The Crossing supports Bible translation around the globe through SIL International and other organizations. Being the kind of church that is “moving hearts and minds of more people to believe that Jesus Is More“ isn’t just something we value for our community, it is something we support through generous and purposeful missions giving. For instance,

Rob & Tündi Futo from Hungary: Meet & Greet

Sunday, June 10, In the Foyer, between services:

Stop by and meet missionaries Rob & Tündi Futo. They lead Cornerstone, a church plant in Budapest, Hungary. As pastor for Cornerstone, Rob is involved in the two year training program with City to City, the church-planting ministry of Tim Keller’s Redeemer church in New York. Tündi is completing a two year counseling degree through Westminster seminary online. Born in STL to Hungarian immigrants, Rob became a Christian through Cru at Mizzou. He met his wife, Tündi, while serving with Cru in Hungary. After Rob’s graduation from Covenant Seminary, he was ordained & they returned to Hungary where they have served for 18 years as full-time missionaries. They have two teenage girls, Haini & Csenge.

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Missions Prayer Needs:

  • Pray for Rob & Tündi Futo and their girls as they visit family, connect to their sending agency, and to their US supporters. They need travel mercies and restoration during their US stay. Pray for them to be sustained and strengthened through their time of travels.
  • Pray for The Wallace family from Kenya. They just spent a week at The Crossing volunteering with Kids Club and are also traveling much this summer. They could also use travel mercies on their journeys. Pray for their visits with supporting churches, for their needed support to be met, for their family to be refreshed and their strength restored.
  • Pray for kids and families who may have heard the gospel for the first time through attending Kids Club this week. Pray for God to draw their hearts to himself, for him to open them to the truth of the gospel, for him to grant them grace to believe, and grow them into sons and daughters who walk with him in faith.
  • Pray for the Jamaica Student-Parent Mission Team 2018. The team leaves Sunday to serve with Won by One in Harmons, Jamaica. Pray for God to work in many hearts, for relationships to be strengthened, for eyes to be opened to the gospel of Jesus, for much good to be done among the people of Harmons, for compassion and encouragement to be poured out to those who suffer.
  • Pray for Ron & Sally Widbin in Antigua Guatemala & other ministry partners including ASELSI . They are safe, so far, and actively responding to the aftermath and continued impact of the Volcano del Fuego eruptions. Pray for endurance and courage, hope and resilience as they strive to help in the midst of such terrible devastation.
  • Pray for the Summer Guatemala Team 2018 as they prepare to travel to Chichicastenango, Guatemala. They will be working with ASELSI several hours travel away from the area of the volcano. However, the eruptions have disrupted Guatemala in many ways including air travel. The evolving situation may impact their trip.

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Pray for the Persecuted

Asia Bibi: Christmas in a prison cell

Read the rest of Asia Bibi’s Story via BBC.com

Prayer for Missionaries & Those in Need

Father God, as we enjoy Thanksgiving weekend and kick off the Holiday Season, we praise you and thank you for the provision and blessings you have given. We pray for missionaries who live far from their families in order to serve others with your love. Comfort them when they ache with longing and miss their

6 Things to Pray For as Your Kids Go Back To School

508776878-54f946fd58b0156ff7408f4e83d39bebOne event, two (of many) possible perspectives:

The first: you celebrate the first day of school like your kids celebrate the last. With any luck, you just might be able to take that one flickering spark of sanity that you have left and fan it back into flame. And your kids—who currently identify you as something like the mean troll under the bridge who jealously guards the enchanted Land of Fun—might even come to appreciate you again in time.

The second: the first day of school looms for you like tax day. Or root canal day. Or “I have to call the cable company and then go the DMV” day. All the fun and flexibility of summer now must now give way to a regimented boot camp of alarm clocks, lunch boxes, and homework assignments.

Maybe you fit in one of those camps. Maybe you fit in both depending on the day (…or minute). Maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about. But whatever the case may be, one thing remains the same: the start of school means you’re sending your children into a situation bursting with learning experiences and relationships—and therefore a lot of opportunities and challenges along the way. With that in mind, here are a few things to pray for your kids now and throughout the school year:

Rio: Watch & Pray

As you enjoy watching the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, pray for: Christian Olympic and Paralympic athletes from around the world to be propelled by grace to use the platform of sport wisely and boldly to bring honor to Christ and encourage faith in others both during The Games and afterwards. God to open

Pray for Persecuted Christians

DSC01766 copyHow can we pray for the over 200 million Christians around the world who face persecution for their faith in Jesus? As you read the article below from releaseinternational.org, pray for Windy Shull and Christine Simon who are traveling to Nairobi, Kenya this Wednesday. Pray also for our ministry partners in Kenya who share the love of Christ among people living in danger because of their faith.

Praying for Persecuted Christians
In many countries, Christians are harassed, discriminated against, slandered, unjustly accused, summarily arrested and sometimes imprisoned, beaten, exiled or killed. Violence comes both from governments and religious extremists. Your prayers can focus on four groups.

Why “Praying for You” Isn’t a Pointless Cliche

Photo credit: Danny Rivero/Fusion

Photo credit: Danny Rivero/Fusion

The recent horrific shooting in Orlando once again forces us to grapple with what we can and should do in the face of tragedy. And for many Christians, prayer is a reflexive response.

Increasingly, however, the idea of praying for those involved in a tragedy is dismissed by those critical of Christianity and religion. Offering someone your prayers is useless, they say, a cliché so threadbare that we’d all be much better off if it never again polluted conversations and social media. What we need is action, not words.

My first inclination is to fire off a strong rebuttal. But I’ve come to realize that my own perspective on prayer isn’t always that different. Yes, I often pray for the people involved when I hear of terrible events like Orlando, just like I routinely pray for those close to me who are dealing with various kinds of suffering and difficulty. But I often feel like it’s a kind of formality, like nothing much will come of it. And if I really wanted to help, I’d need to take concrete action. I’d need to do something something genuinely useful.