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Mission Sending: A Girls’ Group Story

Many of us want to support missions but struggle with how to get started. This story should encourage us all to jump in and become missions senders.

Makayla Voris, Sophia Domenico and Vienne Parmele, are in the same Middle School small group. They got creative and sold decorated Easter cookies to raise $200 to help Maggie Brothers, one of their small group leaders, meet her missions team funding goal for Project Japan 2017.

Tanya Parmele, Vienne’s mom, promoted the girl’s fundraising venture by taking orders for cookies via Facebook. “Nana Pat” Parmele, Vienne’s grandmother, baked and pre-iced 144 cookies before hosting the girls for an all-afternoon decorating party.Here’s their story in their own words…and those of the adults who helped them get it done: