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What Do You Want Most for Your Kids: Pt. 2

“God can’t give us peace and happiness apart from Himself because there is no such thing.”

Last week I mentioned that C. S. Lewis quote in support of an important, biblically grounded point for parents: while there are many good things that we rightly want for our children (a great education, a good job, a family of their own, etc.), the best thing we could ever do for our kids is to introduce them to and consistently encourage their faith in Jesus Christ.

But that brings up another key question: how might this fundamental truth change the way we parent on a day to day basis? Here are a just a few suggestions:

What Do You Most Want for Your Kids?

Occasionally, my wife and I offer a seminar that’s designed to help parents of newborn and very young children. One of the reasons we offer it is because we remember how clueless we felt when we first had kids. One of the reasons we offer it occasionally is because we need a good stretch in between to forget how poorly we follow our own advice.

At any rate, we’ve always begun the seminar by asking parents a question that I’d like you to consider at the moment: what is it that you most want for your kid(s)?

I think it’s fairly easy to list some of the more common answers that parents in our culture are likely to give to that question: