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An Important Factor If You’re Thinking About Moving

Americans move all the time. Census data suggests that the average person will relocate approximately twelve times in his or her life, with about nine of those moves coming after the age of 18. And given our semi-itinerant tendencies, it makes sense to think through what makes the decision to move a wise one.

Many of the variables to consider are relatively obvious. How good of an opportunity is that new job? Can you afford the rent or mortgage in the new location? If you own a house, what will it take to sell it? If you’re a parent, what are the schools like where your family is going? If you’re a college student, what kind of education will you get at a prospective school? How far will you be from your family? And so on.

In my experience, however, one factor that often gets overlooked is the impact a move will have on your spiritual life. With that in mind, here are a few thoughts to keep in mind when you’re thinking about moving.