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Talking to Your Kids About Sex

My wife and I are the parents of three kids, and though the oldest is just starting second grade, we’ve been occasionally discussing how to talk with our kids about sex. In fact, it might be better to say that we’ve been discussing how to continue talking to them about the subject (more on this below).

To be sure, we’re not having or even planning a comprehensive conversation with them anytime soon (more on this below as well), but we are trying to think through how to approach the whole issue now and as our kids get older. This brings me quickly to two important points:

1. If you’re wondering if we’re jumping the gun with our kids about sex, I’m not sure whether you’ve been paying enough attention. I don’t say that to be annoying, but rather to point out that kids in our culture are exposed to sex and sensuality earlier and more often than ever before. And this is apart from all the naturally inquisitive questions that kids tend to raise at any age (you guessed it: more below).

2. That beings said, we haven’t figured it all out. Not even close.

So while my wife and I will probably never be qualified to write a book and start scheduling seminar tours, I did recently run across an article from Mollie Hemmingway that I found to be full of good, practical advice. I’ll include several of her points here along with excerpts, but I really encourage you to read the whole thing.