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Cor Update and New Website

Check Out Cor’s New Website: corcolumbia.org The school year crept up on us before we realized we never sent out an end of spring/summer Cor update! We apologize and hope you enjoy the pictures and info that follows. It was an amazing summer, filled with a LOT of traveling and activities with guys, and even

Honduras Team: 2018

The Honduras Team: 2018 leaves next weekend for their another trip to minister alongside World Gospel Outreach (wgoreach.org).

  • Check out THIS VIDEO from team founder Sarah Kohnle about serving in Honduras.
  • Follow the Honduras Team updates on Facebook.Prayer Requests:
    Although Honduras is a dangerous and corrupt place, there has never been a violent incident with any of the teams. Our hosts make sure the North American teams stick together and armed guards watch over us while we serve. Most times, the peace of God flows over the people standing in line and everyone is patient.

Please pray for:

  • continued peace
  • healthy bodies
  • safe surroundings
  • the ability to reach and minister for Christ.












For further info about Honduras and Crossing Teams that serve her people check out these posts from the ESI Archive:

Honduras Team: Spring Break 2017

Next Saturday, March 25th, 15 team members will leave for Honduras to minister alongside World Gospel Outreach (wgoreach.org). The team will return one week later, arriving in Columbia after midnight March 31st.

Dan Carmichael, a returning team member, is serving as Team Leader for the first time this year. He will be supported in leadership by several returning team members including Sarah Kohnle who served as Team Leader on several previous trips. Two team members are going to Honduras ahead of schedule to extend their time in-country.

Prayer Requests:
Although Honduras is a dangerous and corrupt place, there has never been a violent incident with any of the teams. Our hosts make sure the North American teams stick together and armed guards watch over us while we serve. Most times, the peace of God flows over the people standing in line and everyone is patient.

Please pray for:

  • continued peace
  • healthy bodies
  • safe surroundings
  • the ability to reach and minister for Christ.

Team Demographics:

  • 15 person team
    • 11 from The Crossing
    • 4 from Montgomery City
  • 8 women going and 7 men.
    • Oldest man: 65 years old
    • Oldest woman: 58 years old
    • Youngest man: 20 years old
    • Youngest woman: 19 years old
  • 3 married couples
    • One couple is in their 40s
    • One couple is in their 30s
    • One couple is in their 20s.

The 2017 team will be participating in all the same ministry activities as previous teams. Below is a description excerpted from last year’s ESI post:

Guatemala Winter Missions Team

Please pray for the Winter Missions Team heading to Chichicastenango, Guatemala this coming Monday, January 30th. This yearly team is made up largely of returning members who assist annually during the week-long discipleship training conference being held by ASELSI, The Crossing’s partner ministry in Guatemala.

Here is an excerpt from Jan 2016 to give you an idea of the kind of work this team participates in each winter:

The team will be serving local people in Chichicastenango, Guatemala and the surrounding towns and villages. The people of this region are some of the poorest in Central America. The focus is really on the ASELSI/Crossing Discipleship Conference, while visiting the State hospital in Santa Cruz del Quiche’, assisting at the ASELSI medical clinic, and doing home visits in Choybaj, also remain important parts of the trip.

Short term mission teams frequently have immediate impacts for the people they serve such as providing food, clean water and health care or they participate in a variety of building projects.

2015 Guatemala Discipleship Conference_A Community of BelieversAll these things are good and worthwhile, but this team hopes to have an even longer-lasting impact, an impact that is eternal and reaches far beyond Chichicastenango.  The hope is to use the conference as a platform to share The Navigators Discipleship Program, known as High Quest, with local pastors and members of their churches. The basis of High Quest is to teach people how to know Christ deeply, reflect Christ authentically and share Christ intentionally.

2015 Guatemala Discipleship Conference_For the Young and OldThe Crossing’s Men of IMPACT ministry uses this same discipleship program to guide the hearts of men here in Columbia, Missouri. Chuck Worstell and Bill Pinkethman, with the help of Guatemalan Pastor Miguel Ángel, have been sharing High Quest with pastors in and around Chichicastenango for over 12 years now. During the last 3 of those years, the winter mission team has assisted with hosting a High Quest discipleship conference in Chichicastenango. This has provided a format to share the discipleship program in more detail and in a setting where pastors can interact and grow in Christ together.

2015 Guatemala Discipleship Conference Pastor Miguel ÁngelThe result of the discipleship program has been over 300 members of local Guatemalan churches intentionally growing in Christ together. Furthermore, some of those same individuals are now going out into other parts of Guatemala and Central America to share Christ with others. Through God’s will they will have eternally lasting effects on the hearts of the people of Guatemala and surrounding countries.

Main activities:

  • Visiting the State hospital in Santa Cruz del Quiche’
  • Assisting at the ASELSI medical clinic
  • Doing home visits in Choybaj
  • Assist, hosting and participating in the ASELSI/Crossing Discipleship Conference

Team goals:

2015 Guatemala Discipleship Conference_Crossing Team Sharing TestimoniesShare with conference participants that being a Christian is much more than going to church on Sundays but rather it means being transformed into a servant hearted disciple of Christ.  As disciples we are all called to know God better by studying his Word in the scriptures, submit to God by applying the truth of his Word to our lives and share God’s truths displayed in the Gospel by serving others with love and humility as Christ did for us.

Team prayer requests:

  • That the team submits to and trusts the will of God in everything we do related to our trip and the discipleship conference.
  • That the team is bold with regards to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that God gives us the strength and wisdom to do his will rather than ours.
  • That the participants in the discipleship conference have safe travels, are drawn closer to God and are empowered to go out into the world as witnesses of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Read the full article here.

Short-term Missions Questions


Below are questions you might want to ask before joining a short-term missions team. These questions can help you evaluate whether a team is a good fit for you and vice versa.

Asking detailed practical questions about the team and trip will help you figure out if your goals and the goals of the team are in significant alignment. Here are some good questions to get you started:

  • Who is leading the team?
  • Who else is going on the trip?
  • When do you leave?
  • When will you come back?
  • Where will you travel?
  • What kind of transportation?
  • What kind of accommodations?
  • What will all of it cost?
  • What will you be doing?
  • Who will benefit from your taking this trip?

Beyond these practical questions you should also ask deeper questions aimed at defining your goals and motivations for participation in the trip. Being clear about your own motivations and expectations is an essential part of evaluating a short-term missions opportunity. It is also important to realize that almost all short-term missions experiences involve some mix of personal goals and ministry goals.

  • Personal goals are the benefits you expect to get from this missions experience.
  • Ministry goals are the blessings you hope to give as part of this trip.

These questions can help you discern your own heart:

Kenya Missions: There and Here

DSC03481Christine Simon and Windy Shull are currently in Nairobi, Kenya visiting our partner ministries. Then on July 24th, The Crossing will host The Wallaces, a missionary family who is visiting from our main partner congregation in Nairobi, New City Fellowship. It’s exciting to see God weaving greater connections between The Crossing and our partner ministries in Kenya. Thank God for his work in Kenya and ask him to continue to grow our partnerships there.

Veritas Jamaica Spring Break Team: Update


Andrew Luley, Veritas staff, accompanied the Veritas Spring Break 2016 Team to Harmons, Jamaica. He writes the following guest post about their trip.

Before we get to Andrew’s post, I wanted to let you know that The Crossing is also sending a team of  29 High School students and 25 parents with 2 staff and 2 leaders to Harmons, Jamaica from June 12-19. Keep these families in prayer as they travel and serve with Won by One. Pray also for fruitfulness in the community of Harmons as the Team meets physical needs and build relationships.

The high school student-parent trip is a unique missions trip The Crossing has been doing for a number of years. It is exciting to see God working in the community of Harmons through our efforts, but also to see the work he does in the families that serve together. (Watch for a post-trip update with photos.)

Jamaica Spring Break 2016!

by Andrew Luley


What an excellent spring break for 37 Veritas students last month! Whether it’s their first time to Harmons, Jamaica or their eighth (yes, one student as gone eight times over the course of high school and college), this trip continues to change students’ lives.

Honduras Team: Update

DSC_6670Members of The Crossing traveled over Spring Break with the Honduras Team. This update shares photos and thoughts from team members. There will be a more extended Team Reflection time this Sunday, April 24th,  at 11am in Room 315 (Student Center.) Drop by during 3rd Service to see photos and hear team stories.

Jamaica Team: Veritas Spring Break Trip

Team Shot

This week’s guest post is from Kyle Richter, Veritas Co-director and Jamaica Team Leader.

Veritas, The Crossing’s college ministry, has been partnering with Won by One (WBO) in some capacity for nearly a decade now. Tomorrow morning, March 27th, about 40 Mizzou students involved in Veritas will board a flight to spend their spring break serving in Harmons, Jamaica – a rural mountain village in the interior of the Jamaican island.

Honduras Team: Spring Break Trip


For six years, members of The Crossing have been traveling on mission to Honduras.

This year, the Honduras Team will again be traveling during Spring Break: March 26-April 2. Please pray for them this week as they prepare to leave and during the entirety of their trip.

Below are descriptions of their team activities and challenges provided by Sarah Kohnle, the Team Leader. This is her 6th mission trip to Honduras and her 4th trip as Team Leader.

Team demographics:

We are taking 14 (two men and 12 women this year) including a three-generation family group this year. In addition to members from the Crossing, we will have people from Jefferson City, New Florence and St. Louis. Ages range from 20 to 76. The majority of people are first-timers, mostly without medical expertise.

The threat of the Zika virus caused us to scramble a little as people needed to withdraw for medical reasons, but our group is back up to full strength.