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INMED 2018:

2018 INMED Humanitarian Health Conference: April 12-13 REGISTER NOW Find Full Conference Info: at this link Purpose: The forgotten people of this world are not all the same. Unique cultures and disparate resources means they face different challenges and require diverse partners. Those who seek to serve the forgotten are just as diverse in their knowledge,

Missions Book Review: The Heart of Evangelism by Jerram Barrs

1581347154“I’m interested in missions. How do I get started? Should I sign up for a trip? Where should I go? How much will it cost?” Over the years, I’ve been asked dozens of times how to begin investigating missions. One way I answer is by urging people to read good books and to act on what they are learning. Today, I hope to make a case for why anyone interested in missions should read The Heart of Evangelism by Jerram Barrs.

Most Christians that fly off on short-term missions trips or become long term missionaries will tell you they are motivated in one of two directions. Their answers to the question “Why are you going?” may be nuanced, but they boil down to these categories:

  • I want to share the love of Christ to win the lost.
  • I hope to relieve suffering.

Obedience to the great commission generally falls into the first category—sharing the love of Christ. Helping rescue abandoned babies from trash heaps generally falls into the second. This part isn’t rocket science. Unfortunately, doing missions well also isn’t as simple as it sounds.