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Mission Spotlight: Guatemala

1805The Crossing became involved in Guatemala through the work of Dr. Jim Gamble an optometrist who had for many years been leading eye glass teams to Chichicastenango (often called Chichi) where they served with ASELSI (Equipping the Saints International). Now, each year, The Crossing sends short-term mission teams to serve in a host of different capacities from construction to running pastor’s conferences to medical care.

Ron and Sally Widbin, members of The Crossing were so captivated by Guatemala that they moved to Chichi to serve as full-time missionaries at ASELSI. Together they coordinate the short-term teams. Ron also uses his extensive feature reporting experience to tell the stories of ASELSI. Sally is also the director of Jesus’ Little Lambs Center. Watch for a missionary spotlight about them in coming weeks.

ASELSI ministries include: