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Learning to Love Better

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means that love is in the air.

Or is it?

I ask the question because I’m convinced that love is one of the more widely defined–and misunderstood–concepts in our culture. And I’m far from the first person to point out that this time of year doesn’t always lend itself to the clearest thinking on the subject.

So when you get right down to it, what does it mean to love someone in God’s eyes?

What Would Your Jesus Do?

The next time you hear someone ask the now (in)famous question “what would Jesus do” in reference to a real-life situation, try to pay careful attention to the answer. I’ll bet that more often than not it will involve something to do with helping, accepting, and/or loving people.

And that’s certainly understandable. After all, Jesus wasn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty to help people (figuratively and literally!). He often associated with people that others found culturally and morally objectionable. And of course, no one has ever loved like Jesus loved.

It’s hard to overestimate how important these descriptions are to understanding who Jesus is. But as crucial as they may be, they don’t give us the whole picture.

Colorado Springs: What Does Love Look Like?

I won’t speak for other people, but love rarely comes easy for me. Self-concern tends to be my default outlook, which means I find it far more natural to remain preoccupied with things like pettiness, envy, and the pursuit of my own happiness than to think about the needs of the people around me. And that’s true even when the people in question actually care for me. When I’m called to love those I don’t know, or even those who disagree with or oppose what I believe and value, I find it even more difficult.

And yet, that’s apparently what police officer Garrett Swasey did as he responded to a gunman opening fire at a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs last week. Before being taken into custody, the shooter killed three people and wounded nine others. Among the dead was Officer Swasey.

The Key Ingredient to a Fulfilled Life

Photo credit: sciencebuddies.org

Photo credit: sciencebuddies.org

In one way or another, we often talk about “fulfillment.” We seldom think about it, but the word itself provides a rather interesting image: one in which something fills us until we’re full. And so, when we say we want our lives to be fulfilling, we’re simply saying that we want our activities, beliefs, choices, etc. to provide us with satisfaction. We want a sense of worth, meaning, and joy.

But how do we get fulfillment? The most common ways we seek it include looking to family, accomplishments at work, acquiring certain things, or even serving a particular cause. Maybe you’ve noticed, but over time, those strategies rarely seem to deliver. Your spouse disappoints you. Your kids move out. Your business success isn’t quite all you thought it would be. Your kitchen remodel is nice, but it isn’t exactly the key to unbroken happiness. Or what do you do when your seemingly just cause fails to win the day? And what’s next when it does?